Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding, Farewells, Vacations and Sleep

There is a never-ending list of things to do. Last week Ashley and i did a 8 or 9 hour marathon shopping day on Monday, after i ran 5 miles with Karen. We ordered her cake, bought napkins, got her hair piece, cake cutting knife, flowers, ordered candy (well we tried), went to apx 25 stores, gathered linens, and rented the tables and chairs among other things.

Tuesday i went to pottery : ) (Can't skip that no matter what else is happening in life) After pottery was Activity Day for nine little girls. We planted plants in the rain. Tuesday night we took Cameron to the Temple. It was a beautiful night. i was overcome as I entered the chapel. Truly the windows of heaven were open. Grandma and Grandpa joined us even though they had a very busy night. What a blessing it is to have such supportive grandparents. We celebrated with dinner at Wingers about 9:30. A long, wonderful day.

Wednesday was missionary day. We got Cam's shoes, two pairs at the cost of almost $300. It is criminal what good walking shoes cost for men. We bought his luggage and went to Cafe Rio for lunch. A great day, $600 down, just getting started.

I sort of woke up feeling a little overwhelmed. We were suppose to have rented a houseboat from friends for our family vacation, that fell through the day before. I don't feel overwhelmed very often, but Thursday I did. I started thinking maybe everyone was right maybe this was too much for one week. I decided most of the stress was coming from a disorganized house. i didn't shower, i didn't get dressed, i cleaned for 9 hours and it felt wonderful! My dear mom and dad came to help. it was just what the dr. ordered. life is good again. Amazing what 12 hours can do.

Friday i played the part of nurse. Cam got his wisdom teeth out, no more wisdom for that boy. Our chickens needed scr
atch, had to run for a Kiva for Cam and a myriad of other errands along with visiting teaching but mostly i just kept my eye on Cam.

Saturday, we worked in the yard. I made 7 stepping stones out of pottery mistakes. It was fun to be creative, we worked in the yard, tried to replace all the flowers killed by the hail (hell) Wednesday night. Another trip to Joe's for more flowers. Please appreciate the yard when you come for Cam's farewell. Toby and Cam worked on the climbing wall all day. Just when we thought the day was over, Bren had a party and about 10 kids from school we ordered pizza, barbecued hambur
gers before falling asleep to Inception.

Sunday, i taught Relief Society. I was assigned President Monson's talk on Gratitude, perfect timing. Ashley came in the afternoon, we went to Robynn and Dan's for a nice, yummy dinner with the fam, came home and addressed invitations. Today was wedding day again. We figured out center pieces, ordered ties, mailed invites, went to Cafe Rio... and on we go for 2 1/2 more weeks. It is all good stuff and i am grateful for every minute of it! Does anyone have any suggestions for where I might find a light blue dress?!?!?

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  1. I'm keeping my eyes open for a blue dress! You live life to the fullest, more than anyone I know. This is one of the MANY things that I love and admire about you! Savor it, girl!