Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Chicken on the Kitchen Table...

I awoke a week ago Sunday to a chicken sitting on our kitchen table. Not stuffed with rosemary and poultry spice, but sitting, alive and well, waiting for breakfast. A strange way to start the day, but fitting after all.

After sitting all day in the Detroit Airport, Tay and Ash made it home about 10:00 PM from visiting (and meeting) Ashley's parents. Tay had a plan and i was his accomplice. I was to set up a fancy dinner in the Grandparent's basement (for privacy), complete with candles, china, flowers, and a ring.

While i was setting up the basement i heard that Bin Ladin had been shot and killed by the US military. I hate to hear that the hornet nest in the Middle East is stirred. As a mother of four sons, i just don't like it. I'm glad he is gone, brave men did their job honorably and well, it just makes me nervous.

The proposal went well, and to no one's surprise, she said yes! Ash and I had already bought her dress, major wedding plans had been made, but Dad had to be asked for his daughter's hand to keep it all proper and respectful. Permission granted, proposal accepted and my son is one happy little boy!

Amidst all the hoopla of the Royal Wedding and Bin Ladins death, the world missed an important event. On the morning of Monday, May 2nd about 6:00 my father-in-law slipped to the other side. He was good man, an honorable man, a man of character, unfailing honesty and patriotism. We laid him to rest beside his wife on Friday May 6th.

A chicken came to the table as an omen of a strange day. Our son Taylor became engaged, Bin Laden was shot and my father-in-law passed through the veil. Death, marriage, joy, sadness, celebration and contemplation. Life goes on just as it should.

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  1. welcome to the blogasphere! I'm waiting for the post of how Taylor found his true love at the Kei$ha concert!