Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Princess for the Day

We should all have the chance to be a princess for a day. Last Thursday Ashley got her chance (even though she wouldn't wear a tiara). Makeup at 12:30 at the Bare Minerals store in Fashion Place mall. The lady was a true artist, applied makeup for 45 minutes and yet kept it looking natural and beautiful. Next stop a little shopping, followed by a hair appointment for an up-do. On to the dress, shoes and photographer for an almost four hours photography session!

Everyone should feel like a princess for a day; admired, pampered, indulged, and beautiful. The results for Ashley showed on camera. Kudo's to my friend Kathleen, an amazing photographer for artistry and endurance : )

We are all extraordinary, exceptional, significant, and of great worth. If we could see ourselves with true eyes we would see that we are all indeed princesses. Thank you to the truly wonderful princesses in my life... I love you all!!

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  1. love this! you're so cute :)
    I'm still buying you a tiara for my wedding day!! hahaha