Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twelve Hours to Remember

I wish i had written when this was all fresh and new but I was waiting for the news of Taylor and Ashley's engagement to be official before I wrote for the world to read ( or the two of you that already knew that are reading this).

Cameron, our second son, third child was waiting most patiently for his mission call to come. Each week we anticipated it's arrival, but to no avail. He called the Church Office Building, they relayed the news that the call had been issued the week before but there was a couple of unresolved issues. He was sure that meant "foreign" the desire of his heart. They promised on Monday, April 11th that the call had been mailed. We made preparations, Ashley and i took the day off of work, Taylor, Ash and Cam drove from Logan, I cooked, cleaned and prepared for the big event. Cam couldn't wait any longer, "Mom, go find the postman and make sure it's coming". I did. I tracked the mailman down and asked if there was a big envelope for us. He was puzzled and not amused. He handed me a tax envelope and stated that that was all.

I called Cam, we were devastated. No call, people coming, crock pot full of pork. What to do? Call the Church Office Building. I did. Devon was sympathetic to our problem, but when i asked if i could run into town and get a duplicate he was less-than-enthused. But we had people coming, croissants on the counter and cookies in the oven. (I don't think i was the first mom in this predicament). He would talk to the person in charge and call back in an hour. We were beat. I tried. i did my motherly best. i took on the establishment to no avail. Cam and i were lamenting when the postman walked up our sidewalk and i spotted a white envelope sticking out the top!!! Redemption, it was there all along! I sheepishly called the COB back and told Devon thanks for everything! AHHH it was in my hands, the fate of Cameron was in my hands. I quickly started in on brownies and called everyone back!

Mariah on Skype, Cristy on a line, Rob and Dan on a line, Jeff on a line....drum roll please... Philippines Quezon City North Mission!! Cam isn't going stateside as i had hoped but to the other side of the world where they think it is perfectly normal to eat duck fetus in the shell, raw (story for another time) on a regularly basis. The equivalent of the popsicle man sells them. A glorious and exciting night, we are proud of you Cam and wish you all the best.

Not one to be outdone, i received a text from Tay 12 hours later at work the next morning. "Mom, Ash and I are getting married, before Cam leaves". BEFORE Cam leaves, that is just over 8 weeks away.... what?!?! .....

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