Friday, July 15, 2011

Gender Problems on the Farm

We are having gender issues on our farm. Bill, The duck has become a she, now known as Balina, Penny (my favorite chicken ever) started crowing about 10 days ago. It started out a terrible noise as she/he was learning the trade, (the neighbor thought we had a goat) but oh how he/she loved to practice starting about 6:30 A.M. Now, every night at 10:00 we go out and scoop him off his roast and take into the laundry room for the night. Are we the only people who have a crowing rooster in our laundry room?
If Bill had stayed Bill and Penny (now Henry or Rooster Cogburn as Mitch calls him) had just stayed as they were, life on the farm would be simpler.

They Came by Two's

A friend asked if we could keep her bunnies for the summer. How do you say no to a friend? Our farm is growing. I told the lamas up the street if they got bored to come on down, everyone is welcome until October, I don't enjoy chipping ice off water dishes 2 times a day. I am a fair weather farmer.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Farewell and Farewell

Sunday wasn't so picturesque as far as weather goes, but after three months of praying for the wedding, i didn't complain. Cam gave a wonderful talk, he invited the spirit into the meeting and touched my soul. It's humbling to watch children grow from children to adults. It was a nice day, painless and perfect.

This Wednesday wasn't so painless. After gorging ourselves at PF Changs for Cam's 19th birthday, we enjoyed a fun 4th of July at Greg and Janica's with cousins and such on Monday we continued the food fest at the Cheesecake Factory on Tuesday. We trekked off the MTC to say goodbye on Wednesday. If you have seen the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom movie you remember when the guy reached into and pulled out the man's heart. Short, quick, but his heart was still missing nonetheless. The new procedure at the MTC is 1000x better than it used to be, but you still come home with a hole in your heart.

We heard from Cam yesterday. I was so grateful and relieved to read how happy and excited he sounded. We raise them for 19 years, give them back to the Lord and He returns them better than we could ever have thought possible. It is a pure program and one that i so grateful for! But it still hurts my mothers heart.

The Wedding

It came, itwent, it was beautiful! Months of organizing, making long lists, discussing, marathon shopping trips, great lunches, cupcake and croissant consuming, planning, preparing and praying, came to fruition. It was a beautiful event. Starting Thursday with Ashley receiving her endowment, followed by lunch with her family, Ashley's bridal shower that evening, Friday prep day, dinner with the Goulds - Saturday finally came and with it came fair weather and a day that dreams are made of. The beautiful bride, the handsome groom, throngs of happy well-wishers and supportive family and friends made the day perfect.

The ceremony was short and sweet, the pictures striking, sky blue, luncheon delicious, words of wisdom shared, memories recreated, the day flawless. The amount of work absolutely overwhelming but with the help of angels we were able to pull it all off and the receptions was gorgeous. We fell into bed about 1:00 AM totally spent but hit it hard early the next morning for Cam's farewell. We truly didn't lose a son we gained a beautiful new daughter.