Sunday, November 11, 2012

August, September 2012

Stunning Sun Valley

 July brought me to Sun Valley with some of my favorite people- my parents and sister Cristy.  We rode bikes everywhere. To town, around town, to watch the hang gliders, to see the beautiful valley, to shop, to eat carmel apples, to visit the lodge, and just for fun.  We spent time in book stores, in our favorite Indiana Jones Store, art galleries and even spent a minute or two in a pottery store.  

We ate, hiked, biked, talked, swam, watched the hang gliders every morning and evening. We watched the opening of the Summer Olympics that took place in London. We stayed in a nice little condo with breath taking views of the mountains.  We took a lovely drive to a meadow and took a hundred pictures (dad has them all).  We made yummy omelets, ordered too much pizza and even got to read.  What a perfect four days!

Girls Trip to St. George

September brought a girls trip.  Mariah, Ash, Luke and I traveled to St. George for four relaxing days.  Summers are a little hard on Mom's and working women so the escape was the perfect tonic.  We shopped, swam, walked, and even biked for a minute or two.  Ash and Mariah were able to go to the St. George Temple and attend the production of Aladdin at Tuacahn while Luke and I hung out.  

We crafted, watched movies, ate Mexican food, baked goodies in the condo and generally relaxed and enjoyed.  We swam each day and enjoyed perfect weather. Warm and wonderful, my favorite.   The best afternoon was spent in the St. George DI where we found all sorts of treasures.  i wish we had taken pictures.  Luke was a real trooper through it all.  The time went way to quickly and soon it was time to return home.  

A couple of hours after we returned home we had a birthday dinner here for Kathryn, Mom and Mariah.  It was fun to get-together with the family.  i love my family, i love my girls, I love my sisters, and i love my mom!  

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