Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

Lake Powell is the perfect place for a family vacation.  There are no schedules to keep, no trains, planes or automobiles to worry about.  Just 9 people, on a boat, on a lake, eating, laughing and enjoying each other.   Having sailor Luke aboard this year made it even richer, although after Jered's comment that Luke would sink like a rock if he fell in the water sort of ruined my relaxation.  I can't imagine having multiple little people to worry about on a houseboat, but one was perfect.  Luke is a natural born sailor. 
The water polo/basketball game was one of the highlights for me along with the amazing finger canyons of the lake.  I also enjoyed the time we spent with the forest ranger atop a canyon ledge viewing the ancient remains of people long gone.  Nothing is better than the fam together at Powell; each day was an adventure and the time went way too quickly.

It was a perfectly relaxing vacation. With tubing, waterskiing, wake boarding, scurfing, cliff diving, swimming, eating, all with our fearless captain at the helm, we were in good hands. The weather was perfect and the deck hands were full of adventure although a little serious as you can see by the picture at the left.
Our only glitch happened the night before departing.  About 11:00 Sat night as we lay on the top deck a storm came up.  At first it was sand blowing in our faces and grit in our teeth.  Tay asked Toby if the ski boat was tied securely and he was assured it that it was.  As soon as Toby and Taylor looked over the side of the houseboat to ascertain that all was well, the rope broke which has secured the front of the ski boat to the houseboat.  With that rope gone, the ski boat swung violently around and started bashing the swim deck against the houseboat with every breaking wave.  Taylor and Toby hoped on the ski boat yelling for us to cut them free.
Cut them free?!?  Are you kidding, I'm not going to send my husband and son out into a violent storm to save a ski boat.  Set the boat free, but not the men.  Mitch cut the rope and they immediately they were out of sight.  We dropped to our knees and pled for their safety.  It was an intense situation.  The old adage that "sometimes God calms the sea and sometimes He calms the sailor" was true that night.
The storm ranged on, but we felt peace.  They called us about 45 minutes later to let us know they made it safely to the marina.  About 12:30 they returned unharmed.  There were many lessons learned that night, but one that i will never forget is how imperative it is that we have our personal ropes tied securely to the right principles and we don't cut loose from that anchor.  

We missed you Cam, you love Lake Powell as much as i do. Next year you will complete the crew.

A fabulous trip, thank you sailors, I love you all!

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