Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moab - 2011 Family Vacation

If you aren't used to Hawkins' family vacations you quickly learn that you need a vacation from our vacations. This year was no exception. In 4 days we rented mountain bikes for two different adventures, forged streams and mountains, hiked Double arch, Delicate Arch, Balanced Rock at midnight and sunset, we swam, shopped, rode ATV's and ate. The final day we rose early (again) and hiked the Fiery Furnace, what a fabulous finish to a fantastic adventure!

Our mountain bike rides included Bar M, EZ and Lazy (don't let the names fool you) and a somewhat technical ride through Canyon Lands. It was beautiful, challenging and a huge accomplishment for all 9 of us to finish strong! The perfect trip! The best part was just being together as a family before Cam heads off the the Philippines. I love all you wonderful people, thanks for putting up with your crazy parents!

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