Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Wedding

It came, itwent, it was beautiful! Months of organizing, making long lists, discussing, marathon shopping trips, great lunches, cupcake and croissant consuming, planning, preparing and praying, came to fruition. It was a beautiful event. Starting Thursday with Ashley receiving her endowment, followed by lunch with her family, Ashley's bridal shower that evening, Friday prep day, dinner with the Goulds - Saturday finally came and with it came fair weather and a day that dreams are made of. The beautiful bride, the handsome groom, throngs of happy well-wishers and supportive family and friends made the day perfect.

The ceremony was short and sweet, the pictures striking, sky blue, luncheon delicious, words of wisdom shared, memories recreated, the day flawless. The amount of work absolutely overwhelming but with the help of angels we were able to pull it all off and the receptions was gorgeous. We fell into bed about 1:00 AM totally spent but hit it hard early the next morning for Cam's farewell. We truly didn't lose a son we gained a beautiful new daughter.


  1. so true, it was perfect. I loved all the little details and how it all pulled together. What a darling, happy, cute couple...and Tay and Ashley aren't so bad either!

  2. We got their thank you note today! What a cute couple and beautiful reception!