Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our New Bundle of Wonderful!

It's been a long time since the last post. I missed most of last summer, fall, Halloween, birthdays, Mariah's and my trip to Hearst Castle, our trip to California over Thanksgiving, Disneyland, Christmas, more birthdays, our 29th anniversary and valentines day. I pledge to do better. It's time to get back on the band wagon because we have an 8 pound 9 ounce, 22 inch bundle of wonderful that needs to be documented!

Welcome baby Luke to planet earth, February 13th, 2011. You are one lucky little baby. You have a mom and dad who love you so much, you have a support team that includes cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, and four happy grandparents and several great grandparents. I am blessed to be one of those grandparents!

Robynn and I flew down the day after Luke was born to give him a kiss and love. I can't describe the joy upon seeing his little face. When doctors place that tiny pink bundle in your arms for the first time there is hardly room to receive the joy, that is the feeling i had when Mariah handed me our first grandbaby. Absolute joy. Months of anticipation and trepidation were culminated in a tiny blue and green blanket of wonderful.

I was able to go back down the following week and stay for a few days. Those days were full of baby and new mommy; days that i will treasure forever. I got to sleep with baby Luke on my chest or by my side for the first four hours each night. As we snuggled up on the couch i wanted to infuse into this little soul my love for him even as tiny as he is. I want him to know that his grandma and grandpa no matter how many miles away love him and are here for him every day

The next generation of Meiners, Hawkins, Robinson and Jenson is here, created with love and born with love. Welcome little Luke!

For the full birth story, click on A Day in the Life of the Robinson blog. It is a touching, honest account of Lukes birth.

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  1. This makes me so happy! Congratulations to all of you!