Monday, August 8, 2011

50 and Fabulous!

One of the many things that Toby had to get used to when he
married me is that we don't celebrate birthday'sin days, we have birthweeks or even birthmonths. Toby's 50th was no different. It started with a Utah family get-together on July 24th where we ate carrot cake and sang happy birthday. We followed that up with a trip to California, just Toby and i for four glorious days.

It has been five years since Toby and i flew away for a vacation with just the two of us. i love to travel and i love to travel with my man. We stayed in a beautiful hotel just a stones throw from the Queen Mary in Long Beach. We walked to the aquarium and ate a Bubba Gumps on Thursday. They even sang and made Toby dance
at the restaurant. Friday, we rented bikes from the hotel and eek along for a 2 hour ride along the beach. Life doesn't get better than that! The beach is solace to the soul. We spent an hour at the wrong Forest Lawn, but still enjoyed ourselves. We found our David sculpture which i told toby he looked like when we first got married. He still does.

We met Jered and Mariah for indian food so hot our taste buds are barely recovering, but oooh was it yummy and then spent a remarkable evening in Laguna beach at the Pageant of the Masters. There is no way i can adequately describe it, you just have to experience it to believe how cool it is.

Saturday found us at Griffith Observatory and then a fabulous evening at the Santa Monica Pier. Nothing beats a great pier for people watching. Oh, did i mention the 1/3 pound hamburger we ate beforehand? Hmmm good people, good times, good food.

Saturday we went to church with Mariah and Jered, (we skipped Sunday School and had breakfast with our friends Margaret and John) and then the time came to return to Utah : (
It was a wonderful, very fast four days! Thanks Mom and Greg for watching Bren and Mitch.

Tues. we had the "friend" party. The party's just keeps coming. We had just a few of Toby's old time friends for a nice evening of dining and visiting. It was a fitting way to celebrate 50 wonderful years. I am so blessed to have spent 28 of Toby's 50 years with him. I love him more today than i did 28 years ago and hope to have 50 more amazing years ahead!


  1. Toby looks like David...TMI!! Haha. I was so sad to miss his 50th old timey friend bday party. We love Toby (and you), thanks for being such awesome, wonderful, fabulous friends!

  2. Another attempt at sleep and another sleepless night! I found your blog by rummaging through Mariah's blogs! Funny that I'm reading about people I don't even know! :) Anyway, nice to see you have a blog and it's a darling one! xoxo