Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving at the Hawkins
I'm trying to get caught up to 2013 but i just want to add a paragraph or two about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving was fabulous, one of my favorites to date. The whole family was together (except Cam in the Philippines) even my brother Jeff and Bridget came from Colorado. Our new house is double the size of our old house yet our kitchen space is smaller, so the question of where to have thanksgiving loomed large. The garage was decided upon and with the help of Ashley, Mariah, Cristy, Toby, and Taylor we transformed the garage in to a respectable dining hall. Everything was beautiful and tasty!

The day started with the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade and the roasting of the turkey. It was an unusually warm Thanksgiving day in Utah, somewhere in the upper 40's. A regular heat wave. We took advantage of visiting cousins and spend a couple of hours at the local trampoline gym jumping our way to happiness. There were about 20 of us. I haven't flipped, flopped, or jumped so much in years, it was a perfect pregorging activity.

I loved having Jered, Mariah, and Luke, Tay and Ash spend the week with us. It was fast and furious, but wonderful. It was a sort of a combo Thanksgiving/Christmas for us. We saw the lights at Temple Square, ate food, went shopping, crafted a little, went to the movie, ate a little more and enjoyed playing games with Cristy and Jeff one night.

I love thanksgiving. It is everything a special occasion should be; good food, good people, good times! Thank you dear people for joining us.

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